David Therrien

Lead Artist

D.A. Therrien, described by cultural theorist Arthur Kroker as a priest of high technology, is an obscure but internationally acclaimed performance artist and technologist, presenting large-scale spectacles of technological splendor since 1983. Born in Phoenix, AZ, he has lived and worked in Asia, Europe, the United States, and Mexico.

Bob Pitzer

Design Engineer

4FX Design

Chuck Pitzer

Chief Rigging Engineer

Pitzer Consulting


Assembly, wiring, fabrication, computer programming, production management, craft services

Amy Carpenter, Brittany Dion, Matt Draving, Gregory "Cassidy" Jablonski, Daniel Funkhouser, Shiloh Kidd, Matt Lewis, Jessica Mumford, Ben Overbaugh, Kara Snow, William, Gary Xaoui, Josh Zeidner

SOUND - Scot McKenzie

PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT - Margaret Bruning, Kirstin Van Cleef, Stephanie Carrico