Final work in Arizona for BEAUTIFUL LIGHT before the artwork & crew ship out

Work has been done this summer at Therrien's downtown Phoenix warehouse studio by a crew of some 20 volunteers and interns, who meticulously wired, soldered, and assembled thousands of sockets and machined parts.

Engineers Bob Pitzer and Chuck Pitzer, made several design upgrades to 4LWM making it weather resistant, module based for transportation and assembly purposes, and meeting Canadian code.

KLK Machine Shop, also in Phoenix, machined some 1,500 custom parts for the artwork, which were necessary in meeting upgrade needs. Fabrication culminates with the artist and his crew assembling each of the arrays and testing the components. Everything gets taken apart and packed for shipping.

Sound and computer programming team- Scot McKenzie, Jessica Mumford, and Matthew Draving- are performing final tests on their systems for 4LWM. McKenzie's sound tracks for Therrien's work in the past have been reminiscent of electromechanical equipment, possessing an ambiguous and ethereal quality.

Coordinating an artwork and performance of such magnitude requires close coordination between the studio, clients, inspectors, vendors, customs, transport companies, and crew. This week's crew dinner will be preceded by a technical brief by Therrien and an event execution brief by production manager Margaret Bruning.